PERCEPTION: TNT Launches Interactive Storefront in New York to Promote Hit Drama Series

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TNT Launches Interactive Storefront in New York to Promote Hit Drama Series Perception

TNT’s new Monday night series Perception, starring Eric McCormack, proves that solving crimes is all in how you see things. TNT is now taking that concept to the streets of New York with an innovative and interactive experience created by Breakfast, a physical-digital interactive agency located in Brooklyn. This video shows the making of “Crime Scene Differently” – a storefront takeover located in Manhattan’s Herald Square at 885 6th Ave. and 32nd Street – inviting passersby to explore their own sense of perception as they interact with words and images on a massive electronic display using their reflection to reveal hidden clues.

TNT’s Perception airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), following new episodes of The Closer.