Karen Cassell

Atlanta/ Senior Vice President (TNT,tbs, TCM and truTV)

Gina McKenzie

Atlanta/ VP (TNT, tbs and TCM)
Gina McKenzie

Love Paul Newman, Willy Wonka candy and a good glass of pinot. And my kids...not necessarily in that order. And the pinot doesn't have to be that good honestly.

@ginaTCMtbsPR |


Atlanta / VP (TNT)

Maya Brooks

Atlanta/ Manager (TNT and tbs)
Maya Brooks Shows: Dallas, Falling Skies, King & Maxwell

I’m obsessed with magazines, books and beauty products!


Cassie Bryan

Los Angeles/ Manager (TNT, tbs and TCM)
Cassie Bryan Shows: Monday Mornings, Franklin & Bash

Living. Out Loud.

Carmen Davenporte-McNeal

Atlanta/ Director (TNT)
Carmen Davenporte-McNeal Shows: Rizzoli & Isles, Perception and Mob City

Lover of music, college football and NASCAR

@CarmenDMpr |

Samantha Graham

New York/ VP (TNT, tbs, TCM and truTV)
Samantha Graham

Mother of two wonderful girls and one rascal dachshund. Cali girl who calls NYC home. Equally happy watching Downton Abbey as Hardcore Pawn.

@sammygraham |

Christina Hamilton

Atlanta / Jr. Publicist (TNT and tbs)
Christina Hamilton Shows: Rizzoli & Isles, Perception and Mob City

Avid runner, reader and crossword puzzle nerd.

@ChristinaTBSTNT |

Brad Bernstein

Atlanta / Director (TNT, tbs)
Brad Bernstein Shows: Monday Mornings, Franklin & Bash

New York native new to Atlanta, enjoy sports, watch almost every movie that comes out good or bad, all things television and limping around a softball field on the weekends in a poor attempt to relive glory days.

Kevin Little

Atlanta/ Editorial Director (TNT, tbs, TCM and truTV)
Kevin Little Shows: Dallas, Falling Skies, Franklin & Bash, Leverage, Major Crimes, Perception, Rizzoli & Isles, Southland and The Closer

On weekends, my Mac doubles as a DJ deck.

@KALKevin |

Jessie Peretsman

Atlanta/ Publicist (TNT and tbs)
Jessie Peretsman Shows: Monday Mornings, Franklin & Bash

I decided not to date a guy once because he wasn't excited about meeting my dog.

@JessieTNTTBS |

Eileen Quast

Los Angeles/ Sr. Director (TNT)
Eileen Quast Shows: Dallas, Falling Skies, King & Maxwell

Triplet mom, LA transplant and chocolate junkie


Heather Sautter

Atlanta/ Manager (TNT/TCM)
Heather Sautter Shows: Major Crimes

Publicist, mother of 2, new classic movie buff and lover of all things media.

@heathertcmtntpr |

Kristina Stafford

Atlanta/ Publicist (TNT, tbs and truTV)
Kristina Stafford Shows: Boston's Finest, Private Lives of Nashville Wives, Cold Justice, Wake Up Call (w.t.)

Devoted to all things entertainment: television, movies, magazines and sports!

@KristinaTBSTNT |

TNT Publicity

Lindsey Jones

Atlanta / Jr. Publicist (TNT)
Lindsey Jones Shows: Dallas, Falling Skies, King & Maxwell, Southland

Aladdin is my Disney prince of choice. Jurassic Park never gets old. Add a can of mousse for my big ol' southern hair, a bottle of red wine and a wedge of manchego cheese and I've got everything I need in life.

Danielle Dusky

Los Angeles/ Director (TNT and tbs)
Danielle Dusky Shows: Boston's Finest, Marshal Law: Texas, Cold Justice, Wake Up Call (w.t.) and APB With Troy Dunn (w.t.)

NJ Girl (yes I went to the shore and I don’t know what my exit is). Amateur ghost hunter, puzzler and foodie who loves all music and entertainment. Two of my favorite cult movies are The Legend of Billie Jean and Midnight Madness. I also brought a hammer to my first day of work (true story).

@DanielleDusky |

Mitchell Squires

New York/ Sr. Publicist
Mitchell Squires

Make-up artist turned publicist. California native and music know-it-all. My DVR knows more about me than any human…and he’s not impressed.

@MitchNYC |

Wendy Levison

Atlanta/Jr. Publicist
Wendy Levison Shows: Dallas, 72 Hours, Marshall Law: Texas, Life Flight, SAG Awards,

Flywheel addict, restaurant connoisseur, entertainment junkie and most importantly mother to the world's cutest little man

@WendyTBSTNT |